Training & Tournaments


Whether you’re a complete beginner who just wants to try something new, an experienced player that wants to play for a new club or just thinking of coming for a laugh, we have exactly what you need!


London Storm runs weekly sessions on Tuesdays at Bacon’s College in Canada Water. These are from 6 to 8pm and are run by our social coach Thom. These sessions are all about having fun and usually just about playing regular games and often end with fun games like Super Catch, Last Player Standing or Daisy Chain. If it’s your first time, we get that it can be a bit overwhelming so don’t hesitate to ask for help from our regulars!


We also run competitive training sessions on Thursdays at Ark All Saints Academy near Oval. These are from 7 to 9pm and are exclusively reserved for our members. They consist of drills and scenarios in order for our squads to prepare for tournaments and national leagues. If you’re unsure whether this is for you or not, we encourage everyone to come try it out once. Just drop us a message through the contact form, our email, or our social media and we’ll sort it out!


We operate a first session FREE policy all year round, and often have other promotions for students or members. Sessions are £5 (reduced to £2.50 for students) and payments are card only.

A large group usually heads out to the pub after all our sessions so it’s a great way to socialise off the court if you want to meet new people!

To sign up, you’ll need to join our Spond group to save your spot on the event. To get our code, send us a message on social media or use the form on the Contact Us page!



Upcoming Tournaments

We currently have 5 teams competing in National League, 1 team in Mixed League and 3 teams in Regional Leagues.

We also regularly enter in one-off opens for both Cloth and Foam.

They all require different levels of ability and commitment so if you want to get involved in them just talk to one of the committee members at training!